Adoptable Dogs




When are new dogs listed?

As always, newly arrived dogs are placed on a mandatory foster hold to ensure they are settling in nicely. This gives our team a chance to get to know them in order to make better matches with our adopters. As these new pups become available for adoption, they will be listed on our Adoptable Dogs page which we update daily. We encourage you to check back often for new updates!

Why aren't all the dogs and puppies in foster homes listed on the website?

Dogs are often in foster care for several days up to a few weeks before they become available. Once they become available, they will be posted onto our Adoptables Dog page.

What if I saw a dog previously and they are no longer listed on the website?

If a dog is not listed on our website, they are either already adopted or are not available for adoption at this time.

I’m an approved adopter and I emailed, why haven’t I heard back yet?

We promise our Adoptions Team is doing their best to respond to you as quickly as they can! Our team aims to respond to all emails in the order that they are received and within 1-3 business days. We receive hundreds of emails every day, so we truly appreciate your patience as we work hard to get back to everyone in a timely manner.

Can I get in touch about a dog that is not available, listed as waitlist full / pending adoption or not on the website?

Due to a high volume of emails, our team will only be able to respond to emails regarding dogs that are currently available. We recommend waiting until a dog is available on our website before reaching out to our Adoptions Team as our Matchmakers create waitlists starting with the first approved adopters that have emailed after a dog has been posted on the site. We understand many approved adopters follow foster Instagram accounts and may learn about dogs in our care before most, so our Matchmakers follow this rule in an effort to be fair to our general population of approved adopters.

Will you be sharing the available dogs via email or social media?

If a dog is available for adoption, they will first be listed on our Adoptable Dogs page. Typically, we share available dogs through social media or an email to our pre-approved adopters if they need a little extra love!

What does it mean when a dog is listed as trial adoption candidate?

If a pup is a “trial adoption” candidate, it means that you, as a potential adopter, get the added benefit of being able to spend extra time with them before making that final adoption decision! Our hope is that this helps our dogs who have been around for a bit longer find a great home. All the details on our “trial adoption” program can be found here.