Our Adoptable Animals

Sweetie Girl

Sweetie Girl is 8 years old, 50 lbs, large breed mix dog. She is true to her name. She’s an active dog for her age. She loves to play fetch, go on long walks, listen to live music being played, and cuddle with you at home. Her foster parents says she’s the best dog ever! She’s friendly outside with people, kids, and other dogs. She pays no attention to other dogs. She’s fond of people and often likes to please. She doesn’t bark at the door and whine as much when left in a room or crate to herself. She loves car rides. She’s not territorial or have resource guarding issues. . She has Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) so daily eyed medication is required. She also has alopecia, which can be seasonal. She is true to her name and everyone that met her will tell you the same. She will be good as the only dog in the home with no children. If you adopt Sweetie Girl, her medical expenses and training will be paid for by Pawsome Squad.

Honey Bear

Honey Bear is a 4 yrs old, 18lbs, neutered Cavapoo. Cute, Goofy, and Cuddly is what you can expect with him. He give you the funniest stares along with the the funniest spreads on the floor. This boy loves long walks, human interaction, and playing with other dogs. He loves belly rubs all day. He will need to continue his training on resource guarding property’s as toys, treats, socks, and your slippers. He’s good with boundaries and knows basic commands such as sit, stay, paw, and off. You will need to bring him to the veterinary office for grooming as he is not a big fan of it. He loves his dog bed and sleeping next you, but we do not advise doing that during the early stages of familiarity as he can be very territorial if approached. More training will be needed to minimize the territorial behavior. He is grumpy when disturbed physically while sleep, so please make sure to call his name instead of using touch.  We recommend alot of exercise to keep him pooped and happy. Overall, a very good boy who will shadow you around, surprise you out of nowhere, and make your day, everyday!